Facility Info System



Due to a transition to a new data system at the Ventura County APCD, this data may not be current. We apologize for any inconvenience and will continue to post information here regarding the status.



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What is the Facility Info System (FIS)?

The Ventura County APCD has developed a tool that allows you to search for public information about APCD regulated facilities (that is, facilities that are required to have a permit to operate equipment that releases pollutants into the air). The system is called the Facility Info System


The information in the Facility Info System comes from our APCD enterprise database. The data on the website is regularly updated at a frequency of about once a week. However, occasionally updates may take longer.


What are the Facility Info Systemís limitations?

Please keep in mind that there are limitations to the Facility Info System. As with any system that uses data from many sources, we anticipate that users may find some information that is not up-to-date, is missing, or is not accurate. The data goes back about five years. Also keep in mind that APCD provides this information as a resource tool and uses its best efforts to make it as useful as possible. APCD does not, however, take any responsibility for a person or company relying on the information obtained through the Facility Info System; and does not have any control or responsibility for how the information obtained is used by anyone.


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