Boards and Committees

The Air Pollution Control Board
The Hearing Board
The Advisory Committee
Clean Air Fund Advisory Committee


The Air Pollution Control Board

    This 10-member board consists of the County Board of Supervisors and five elected officials representing Ventura County cities. The APC Board establishes policy and approves new rules. They also appoint the Air Pollution Control Officer, the District Hearing Board, Advisory Committee, and Clean Air Fund Advisory Committee.

    Current Board members include:


    DAVID POLLOCK, Council Member, City of Moorpark, Chair
    JOHN ZARAGOZA, Supervisor, County of Ventura, Vice-Chair
    STEVE BENNETT, Supervisor, County of Ventura
    RYAN BLATZ, Council Member, City of Ojai
    LYNN EDMONDS, Council Member, City of Fillmore
    BOB HUBER, Supervisor, County of Ventura
    KELLY LONG, Supervisor, County of Ventura
    LINDA PARKS, Supervisor, County of Ventura
    CARMEN RAMIREZ, Council Member, City of Oxnard
    RICHARD ROLLINS, Council Member, City of Port Hueneme

    Meetings schedule: second Tuesday of the month, 1:30 p.m.,
    Board Chambers, Administration Building, 800 South Victoria Ave, Ventura.


The Hearing Board

    This independent, quasi-judicial body was established by state law to grant variances; uphold or overturn APCD decisions regarding permit denials and operating conditions on permits. The Hearing Board may also revoke permits to operate, issue orders of abatement, allow citizen appeals, and settle disputes between the District and permittees.


    The Hearing Board consists of five members appointed by the Air Pollution Control Board for three-year terms.

    Current members are:

    Mike Stubblefield - Chair, Public
    Stephen C. Hurlock, Ph.D
    - Public
    Daniel J. Murphy - Law
    Vacant - Engineer
    Vacant - Medical Professional

    The APCD Hearing Board Calendar
    Current Hearing Board Orders



The Advisory Committee

Clean Air Fund Advisory Committee