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What are air pollution permits?

Air pollution permits are written authorizations issued by air pollution control agencies, such as the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District (APCD), to build, install, alter, replace, or operate equipment that emits or controls certain regulated air pollutants. The air pollutants regulated by the APCD are reactive organic compounds (ROC), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), fine particulate matter (PM10), oxides of sulfur (SOx), and certain toxic air pollutants. The purpose of air pollution permits is to help ensure that regulated air pollutants do not harm public health and welfare or hinder progress towards achieving and maintaining clean air.

What is the APCD permit program?

The APCD has a two-step permit program:

If you are a facility owner or operator in Ventura County, and will have air-polluting equipment, you will need an Authority to Construct before you can construct, install, or modify that equipment. This gives  APCD staff an opportunity to determine if your project will comply with applicable APCD rules.

Helpful Hint: Residential construction projects do not need air pollution permits.

After your project is completed, but before you can begin operations, you will need a Permit to Operate. A temporary Permit to Operate may be issued so that an emissions test or an on-site APCD inspection can be conducted while your facility is operating. Upon finding that your facility is complying with applicable APCD rules, APCD staff will issue you a Permit to Operate, which will have enforceable conditions to help ensure that your facility will continue to comply with those rules.

Do I need an air pollution permit?

You will need an air pollution permit if your business or facility has or will have equipment or processes that emit any regulated air pollutants. Air pollution permits are needed for the following actions:

Helpful Hint: Air pollution permits issued by the APCD are not a part of the County of Ventura’s discretionary land use permit process. Moreover, you may need an air pollution permit from the APCD even if you do not need a land use permit from the County of Ventura or other governmental agency. If you need assistance in determining whether or not your project requires and APCD permit, please contact the APCD office.

What types of equipment and processes need air pollution permits?

Many types of equipment and processes used by businesses of all sizes require air pollution permits. Typical large businesses that require air pollution permits include oil production facilities, power plants, quarries, and cement operations. Smaller businesses include dry cleaners, gasoline service stations, auto body shops, and print shops.

For a detailed list of common equipment and processes that require air pollution permits, click here . Also, refer to APCD Rule 23 (Exemptions from Permit) for a detailed list of equipment and processes that do not require air pollution permits.

How do I get an air pollution permit?

You must submit the following, either in person or by mail, to the APCD:

We encourage all applicants to contact the APCD Engineering Division at (805) 645-1401 for a pre-application meeting. During the pre-application meeting, you can speak to APCD staff, who will explain the application requirements and procedures. Pre-application meetings can save you considerable time and help you to avoid permit processing delays.

Please note that it is up to you to show that your facility will operate in compliance with all applicable APCD rules. Moreover, you are subject to legal action if you operate equipment without a Permit to Operate.

You can download the necessary APCD permit forms by clicking here.

Helpful Hint: Projects that require discretionary land use permits from the County of Ventura may also need air pollution permits from the APCD before they begin operations. To avoid possible delays, you should contact the APCD Engineering Division early in your discretionary land use permit process with the County of Ventura to determine if you also need an air pollution permit.

How long will it take to get my air pollution permit?

Permit processing time ranges from 30 to 180 days, depending on the complexity of the application. You will be notified within 30 days after submission whether or not your application is complete. This notification will also include the name and telephone number of the APCD engineer who has been assigned to your application.

Do I need to pay any fees for an air pollution permit?

Yes. the APCD charges the applicant fees for processing and filling air pollution permits. Based on the permit type, one or more of the following fees may apply. APCD permit fees are summarized below:

Refer to APCD Rule 42 (Permit Fees) for additional details regarding air pollution permit fees.

What happens after my air pollution permit is approved?

You will be able to construct and/or operate your facility. However, to ensure continuing compliance with APCD rules, your permit will be subject to annual renewal and your facility will be subject to periodic inspections by APCD inspectors.

What is the APCD’s Questionnaire (AB3205)?

It is a questionnaire that notifies the APCD about businesses that may need air pollution permits. State law (AB3205) prohibits city or county agencies from issuing building permits or Certificates of Occupancy unless APCD air pollution requirements are met. This helps prevent the installation of unpermitted sources of air pollution and unsupervised renovation and demolition of facilities containing asbestos. Click here for more information regarding AB3205 requirements and to download a copy of the AB3205 Questionnaire.

Does APCD regulate asbestos removal?

Yes, asbestos is a hazardous air pollutant and its removal is regulated by the APCD through APCD Rule 62.7 (Asbestos - Demolition and Renovation). APCD’s asbestos removal requirements apply regardless of the need for either a discretionary land use permit from the County of Ventura or an air pollution permit from the APCD. Rule 62.7 applies to all renovation and demolition operations, including dwelling units involving 100 or more square feet of asbestos containing material. However, residential single-unit dwellings where the owner/occupant performs such operations are exempt. Click here for more information regarding project requirements for asbestos removal. You can also contact the APCD Compliance Division by telephone at (805) 645-1443 or by email at compliance@vcapcd.org.

Where can I obtain more information about APCD permits?

You can learn more about APCD permits in the Permit Brochure located on the Brochure page. You can also contact the APCD’s Engineering Division by telephone at (805) 645-1401, by email at engineering@vcapcd.org, or by visiting the APCD website by clicking on Department Home link at the top of the page.


Please contact the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District at (805) 645-1401 if you have any other questions.