Reasonably Available Control Measures Analysis for TCMs



RACM Analysis for Transportation Control Measures for the 2016 AQMP

The District has developed a new Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP) to attain the 2008 federal 8-hour ozone standard. The 2016 AQMP was submitted to EPA as part of the State Implementation Plan. The federal Clean Air Act (CAA) requires a review of reasonably available control measures (RACM) for Transportation Control Measures (TCMs) during the development of the 2016 AQMP. For TCMs to be considered as RACM, they must be both technologically and economically feasible and must advance the attainment date of the federal air quality standard by at least one year.


The list of candidate RACM was prepared by the District using TCMs from the 2007 Ventura County AQMP RACM analysis, the CAA Section 108(f)(1)(A), other Air Quality Districts and Metropolitan Planning Organizations.


A comprehensive RACM analysis was conducted and reviewed by the staff of the Ventura County Transportation Commission Transportation (VCTC) and VCTC’s Technical Transportation Advisory Committee, Transit Operators Committee, Citizen Transportation Advisory Committee, and Social Services Transportation Advisory Committee. The RACM analysis was also presented and reviewed by the Southern California Association of Governments’ Transportation Conformity Working Group.


Based on this comprehensive analysis and review, the majority of TCMs that were deemed feasible were either being implemented or had been implemented in Ventura County. In addition, implementing all feasible TCMs in the RACM analysis would not advance the attainment date by at least one year. Therefore, Ventura County is inclusive of all RACM and it would not be reasonable to require implementation of RACM that would not advance the attainment of the ozone standard.


For questions or comments regarding the RACM analysis, contact Ben Cacatian at (805) 303-3666