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Current Rules & Regulations

  List of Current Rules & Regulations

Ag & Prescribed Burning - see also

  Smoke Management Plan

Agricultural Engine Registration

  Agricultural Engine Registration Application, Form AG-1
  Instructions for Agricultural Engine Registration Application, Form AG-2
  Agricultural Engine Change Notification, Form AG-3
  Agricultural Engine Registration Engine Location Change Policy memo

Air Toxics - see also

  1999 Annual Report
  2000 Annual Report
  2001 Annual Report
  2002 Annual Report
  2003 Annual Report
  2004 Annual Report
  CAPCOA Program Facility Prioritization Guidelines
  OEHHA Health Risk Assessment Preparation Manual
  CAPCOA Public Notifications Guidelines
  Combustion Emission Factors
  Emission Inventory Plan
  Emission Inventory Plan Checklist
  "Hot Spots" Public Notification Guidelines
  Public Hearing on "Significant" Risk Level
  VCAPCD Prioritization Procedure

AQ Assessment - see also

  2003 AQ Assessment Guidelines

Asbestos - see also

  Notice of demolition
  Notification Revision Form

CEMS Reports

  Continuous Emission Monitor Excess Emission Report

Compliance Assistance Advisory - see also

  Rule 74.18 Low Usage Exemption Advisory
  Rule 74.18 Low Usage Exemption compliance Plan

Emergency Diesel Engine Annual Report

  Emergency Diesel Engine Annual Report

Grant Programs

  Carl Moyer Program downloads

Hearing Board - see also

  Petition for Emergency Variance
  Petition for Product Variance
  Petition for Short-Interim-Regular Variance

Implementation and Enforcement Policy Guide ARB GHG Regulation for Crude Oil and Natural Gas

  GHG Oil & Gas Implementation Policy Guide

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Transfer Low Emission Connectors

  Qualifed LPG Low Emission Connectors

Occupancy Permit Review / AB3205 - see also

  APCD Questionnaire (AB3205)

Planning - see also

Draft 2018 Triennial Assessment

Public Notice for 2018 Triennial Assessment and Plan Update

Final 2016 Ventura County AQMP

Final 2015 Triennial Assessment and Plan Update

Final 2014 RACT SIP

Final 2012 Triennial Assessment and Plan Update

Final 2011 Triennial Assessment and Plan Update

Final 2009 RACT SIP

Final Ventura County 2007 AQMP

Final 2006 RACT SIP

Ventura County Air Quality Assessment Guidelines

Publication & Subscription Order Form

Publication & Subscription Order Form

Public Records Request

Public Records Request Form

Permits - see also

General Permit Form

Authority to Construct or Permit to Operate without Authority to Construct (App001)

Special Cover Forms

Permit to Operate - Authority to Construct Previously Issued (App002)

Administrative Change (App003)

Special Forms

BACT Cost Effectiveness Calculation

Certification of Statewide Compliance (StatewideCertification001)

Equipment Summary Instructions (GenEquip001)

Supplementary Forms

Abrasive Blasting (Blasting001)

Automotive Coating (AutoCoatingForm004)

Auto - EPA 6H NESHAP Exemption Petition

Auto - EPA 6H NESHAP Initial Compliance Notification

Boiler (Boiler001)

Charbroiler (Charbroiler001)

Crude Oil (CrudeOilForm001)

Degreaser (Degreaser001)

Diesel or Gasoline Engine (Engine102)

Diesel Engine Supplement (EngineSupp001)

Emergency Engine (Engine304)

Gasoline Dispensing Facility (GDFForm201)

Glycol Dehydration

Graphic Arts (GraphArts201)

Natural Gas Engine (Engine001)

Oilfield Flares (OilfieldFlareForm001)

Petroleum Drycleaner Application (DryClean002)

Screen Printing (ScreenPrint001)

Solvent Cleaning (SolventCleaning101)

Surface Coating (CoatingForm001)

Vapor Extraction System Application (VaporExtraction001)

ERC Report

Cost of ERCs - 2018

Cost of ERCs - 2017

Cost of ERCs - 2016

Cost of ERCs - 2015

Cost of ERCs - 2014

Cost of ERCs - 2013

Cost of ERCs - 2012

Cost of ERCs - 2011

Cost of ERCs - 2010

Cost of ERCs - 2009

Cost of ERCs - 2008

Cost of ERCs - 2007

Cost of ERCs - 2006

Emission Reduction Credits

Rule 26.11 Annual ERC Report

Monthly Permitting Statistics

Permits Submitted and Issued

Offshore Oil & Gas Platform Decommissioning

Air Quailty Permitting Guidance


Air Toxics Review During Permit Renewal

Air Toxics Review of Permit Applications

Backup Utility Generator Permit Policy

Backup Utility Generator at Interruptible Facilities

BACT Implementation Permitting Policy

Portable Gasoline Engine Permitting Policy

Tier 0 Portable Engine Permitting Policy

Vapor Extraction System Testing Policy

PSD Rule 26.13 - EPA Approval Status

PSD Rule 26.13 - EPA Approval Status

Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP)

Explanation & Examples of Uses of PERP

Title V - see also

List of Title V Facilities

Title V Modification Application Form

Title V Modification Application Form Instructions

Title V Modification Instructions

Title V Certification Attachment Form

Title V Certification Deviation Form

Title V Certification Instructions

Title V Certification Signature Form

Title V Certification Source Test Form

Title V Deviation & Emergency Signature Form

Part 70 Permit Reissuance Application Package

Part 70 Initial Permit Application Package

Compliance Assurance Monitoring (CAM Plan)

Transportation Outreach - see also

Rule 211 Registration