Compliance Assistance Advisory



New State Regulations for High-Global Warming Potential Gases

Percholorethylene (Perc) Dry Cleaners

Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP)

Rule 23.A, Safety Flare Exemption

Rule 55, Fugitive Dust

Rule 74.9, Stationary IC Engines

Rule 74.11, Natural Gas-Fired Water heaters.

Rule 74.11.1, Large Water Heaters and Small Boilers

Rule 74.12, Surface Coating of Metal Parts and Products

Rule 74.13, Aerospace Assembly & Component Manufacturing Operations

Rule 74.19, Graphic Arts

Rule 74.29, Soil Decontamination Operations

Rule 74.30, Wood Products Coatings

Rule 211, Transportation Outreach Program

Stationary Diesel Engines