Regulation IV - Prohibitions


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Rule 50 Opacity


Rule 51 Nuisance


Rule 52 Particulate Matter - Concentration


Rule 53 Particulate Matter - Process Weight


Rule 54 Sulfur Compounds


Rule 55 Fugitive Dust


Rule 55.1 Paved Roads and Public Unpaved Roads


Rule 55.2 Street Sweeping Equipment


Rule 56 Open Burning


Rule 57 Incinerators


Rule 57.1 Particulate Matter Emissions From Fuel Burning Equipment


Rule 58 Reduction of Animal Matter


Rule 59 Electrical Power Generating Equipment - Oxides of Nitrogen Emissions


Rule 62 Hazardous Materials and Airborne Toxics


Rule 62.1 Hazardous Materials


Rule 62.6 Ethylene Oxide - Sterilization and Aeration


Rule 62.7 Asbestos - Demolition and Renovation


Rule 63 Separation and Combination of Emissions


Rule 64 Sulfur Content of Fuels


Rule 67 Vacuum Producing Devices


Rule 68 Carbon Monoxide


Rule 69 Asphalt Air Blowing


Rule 70 Storage and Transfer of Gasoline


Rule 71 Crude Oil and Reactive Organic Compound Liquids


Rule 71.1 Crude Oil Production and Separation


Rule 71.2 Storage of Reactive Organic Compound Liquids


Rule 71.3 Transfer of Reactive Organic Compound Liquids


Rule 71.4 Petroleum Sumps, Pits, Ponds and Well Cellars


Rule 71.5 Glycol Dehydrators


Rule 72 New Source Performance Standards (NSPS)


Rule 72.1 Outer Continental Shelf Air Regulations


Rule 73 National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPS)


Rule 74 Specific Source Standards


Rule 74.1 Abrasive Blasting


Rule 74.2 Architectural Coatings


Rule 74.3 Paper, Fabric and Film Coating Operations


Rule 74.4 Cutback Asphalt


Rule 74.5.1 Petroleum Solvent Dry Cleaning


Rule 74.5.2 Synthetic Solvent Dry Cleaning


Rule 74.6 Surface Cleaning and Degreasing


Rule 74.6.1 Batch Loaded Vapor Degreasers


Rule 74.7 Fugitive Emissions of Reactive Organic Compounds at Petroleum Refineries and Chemical Plants


Rule 74.8 Refinery Vacuum Producing Systems, Wastewater Separators and Process Turnarounds


Rule 74.9 Stationary Internal Combustion Engines


Rule 74.10 Components at Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production Facilities, Pipeline Transfer Stations and Natural Gas Production, Storage and Processing Facilities


Rule 74.11 Natural Gas-Fired Water Heaters


Rule 74.11.1 Large Water Heaters and Small Boilers


Rule 74.12 Surface Coating of Metal Parts and Products


Rule 74.13 Aerospace Assembly and Component Manufacturing Operations


Rule 74.14 Polyester Resin Material Operations


Rule 74.15 Boilers, Steam Generators and Process Heaters (5MMBTUs and greater)


Rule 74.15.1 Boilers, Steam Generators and Process Heaters (1 to 5 MMBTUs)


Rule 74.16 Oilfield Drilling Operations


Rule 74.17.1 Municipal Solid Waste Landfills


Rule 74.18 Motor Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Coating Operations


Rule 74.19 Graphic Arts


Rule 74.19.1 Screen Printing Operations


Rule 74.20 Adhesives and Sealants


Rule 74.21 Semiconductor Manufacturing


Rule 74.22 Natural Gas-Fired, Fan-Type Central Furnaces


Rule 74.23 Stationary Gas Turbines


Rule 74.24 Marine Coating Operations


Rule 74.24.1 Pleasure Craft Coating and Commercial Boatyard Operations


Rule 74.25 Restaurant Cooking Operations


Rule 74.26 Crude Oil Storage Tank Degassing Operations


Rule 74.27 Gasoline and ROC Liquid Storage Tank Degassing Operations


Rule 74.28 Asphalt Roofing Operations


Rule 74.29 Soil Decontamination Operations


Rule 74.30 Wood Products Coatings


Rule 74.31 Metalworking Fluids and Direct-Contact Lubricants


Rule 74.33 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Transfer or Dispensing


Rule 74.34 NOx Reductions from Miscellaneous Sources


Rule 74.35 Flares


Rule 75 Circumvention


Rule 76 Federally Enforceable Limits on Potential to Emit