Regulation VII - Hearing Board


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Rule 110 General


Rule 111 Filing Petitions


Rule 112 Contents of Petitions


Rule 113 Petitions for Variances


Rule 114 Appeal from Denial, Suspension, Conditional Approval or Fees Assessed


Rule 115 Petitions for Abatement Orders or Revocation of Permits


Rule 116 Failure to Comply with Rules


Rule 118 Dismissal of Petition


Rule 119 Place of Hearing


Rule 120 Notice of Hearing


Rule 121 Evidence


Rule 122 Official Notice


Rule 123 Findings, Variance or Abatement Order


Rule 124 Decision


Rule 125 Abatement Order


Rule 126 Effective Date of Decision


Rule 127 Lack of Permit


Rule 128 Compensation - Hearing Board Members


Rule 129 Burden of Proof


Rule 130 Variance Order Conditions