Bike to Work Week in May

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Itís Healthy

Bicycling to work can keep you in shape without having to set aside additional time for exercise. Bicycle commuters tend to enjoy healthier lifestyles, get sick less often, and feel less stress.


It's Smart

Bicycle commuting is one of the least expensive ways to get to work. Thereís no gas, maintenance, parking fees, or insurance to pay for.


It's Fast

In many areas trips by bicycle, door to door, are faster than by car, especially where the one way commute distance is less than five miles.


It's Clean

Bicycles donít pollute the air or require lots of land for roads or parking lots. Eight to twelve bicycles can park in the space required for one car.


It's Fun

A bicycle ride at the end of the day is a great way to relieve stress. Discovering routes on back roads through residential neighborhoods can be scenic and fun. It sure beats sitting in stalled traffic on the freeway!


Help to get you riding

Look for streets with bike lanes or wide curb lanes and with traffic lights at busy intersections. Try using recommended routes on regional bike maps. Test your route on a weekend or evening and time how long it will take.


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