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Dan Searcy, Manager, (805) 645-1494


Source Testing & Emission Monitors

Ed Swede, AQ Engineer, (805) 645-1413

Compliance Program

Eric Wetherbee, Supervisor & Mutual Settlement, (805) 645-1496

Chris Cote, AQS - Hearing Board, (805) 645-1442

Steve Bova, AQS - Inspector, (805) 645-1436

Ken Hall, AQS - Inspector (805) 645-1437

Zach Jirkovsky, AQS - Inspector, (805) 645-1409

Tod Neilan, AQS - Inspector, (805) 645-1476

Michelle Wood, AQS - Inspector, (805)432-1424

Julie Flores, Air Quality Technician, (805) 645-1445



Permitted sources from gas stations and dry cleaners to oil field operations and power plants are inspected by APCD Compliance staff. Why? The District needs to ensure that all permitted air pollution-emitting sources comply with APCD rules and regulations and applicable provisions of the California Health and Safety Code and Environmental Protection Agency regulations.