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Contact Public Information Officer Karin Grennan by email or call her at
(805) 303-4002.

The Public Information Division communicates air quality information to the more than 840,000 residents of Ventura County through a variety of channels including:


  • media relations
  • publications & materials
  • outreach events
  • speakers bureau
  • educational programs



Outreach Events

    A crowd lines up to spin the Clean Air Wheel at the district booth during the Oxnard Earth Day Celebration.

    We attend events throughout Ventura County each year to talk to the public about air quality and what individuals can do to help clean our air. We also distribute informative materials and goodies. If you have a special event that you would like us to participate in, email Karin or call her at (805) 303-4002.






Speakers Bureau

    Coming to you with a clean-air message.

    Need a guest speaker for your business, service organization or community group meeting? Our Speakers Bureau is one of the district’s many public outreach efforts designed to inform people about air quality in Ventura County. Speakers are generally available during regular business hours, although evening or weekend presentations may be accommodated.

    For more information or to request a speaker, email Karin or call her at (805) 303-4002.


"Air: The Search for One Clean Breath"

    “Air: The Search for One Clean Breath” is a large-screen format film originally funded by a United States Environmental Protection Agency grant and produced by the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District and Media 360.

    The 2008 film and an educator's guide produced in 2010 are available on the film's website,



Clean Air Excellence Awards

    The United States Environmental Protection Agency has presented three Clean Air Excellence Awards to the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District Public Information Division. Presented at national ceremonies, the awards in the Education/Outreach Category honored the district’s innovative work in disseminating information on air quality.



    2008 – “Air: The Search for One Clean Breath”
    More information on the international high-definition film and its Educator’s Guide is available at


    2003 – Public Awareness Health & Air Pollution Campaign
    The district partnered with local doctors, using their images and words to promote one main message: Air pollution is harmful to health and individuals can make choices to benefit themselves and others.



    2000 – Air World CD-ROM
    Created for kiosks, copies of the CD were distributed nationally. The touch-screen application used video clips, photos and graphics to enable users to explore various air quality problems and what is being done to address them locally and internationally.