Publications and Materials


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Fact Sheets




  • Agricultural Burning: the process for using outdoor fires to dispose of plant waste grown on farms.
  • Air Quality Complaints: common types of air quality complaints and how to report them to the district. (English PDF, 597 KB) (Español PDF, 595 KB)
  • Emission Inventory: how the district keeps track of the gas and particulate pollutants emitted through surveys and uses the information.
  • Emission Offsetting: how the district allows for economic growth while reducing the amount of ozone- and particulate matter-forming pollutants released from the largest-emitting facilities.
  • Permits: the district’s system for reviewing and inspecting new equipment at businesses.
  • Prescribed Burning and Smoke Management: information about planned and controlled fires.
  • Notice of Violation: what happens when facilities violate a district rule or permit or a state air pollution law.
  • Rule Development: the district's process for developing new rules to reduce air pollution.
  • Variances: the district’s process for allowing businesses to temporarily exceed limits set by state laws or district rules and regulations in order to continue operating while taking steps to meet requirements.



Ventura County's Climate Change Almanac 2nd Edition

Published in 2015, the second edition is available as a booklet and online. The publication contains updates on California’s Global Warming Solutions Act as well as information on regional, national and international efforts to combat climate change.




Skykeeper 2

Published in 2014, this activity book traces the adventures of Skykeeper Rabbit as he spreads the clean air message in various Ventura County locations with his friends Windrider Parrot, Air Patrol Dog and Cloudwatcher Kitty. Topics include electric vehicles, solar power and green boating. Scenes include the Ventura County Agriculture Museum in Santa Paula, Pleasant Valley Soccer Fields in Camarillo, Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza and Channel Islands National Park. The booklet is designed for first- through third-graders.


Skykeeper 2 


The Air Zone

Published in 2014, this booklet presents stories, actions and informative tips that explore what people are doing to clean the air and protect the environment and why certain actions are helpful. Readers enter the Energy, Transportation, Home and Fun Zones and learn information they can use in their everyday lives, including applicable websites. Topics include energy conservation, home solar power and how to plan a green vacation and golf game. 



Skykeeper Stickers

Skykeeper Rabbit, Cloudwatcher Kitty, Windrider Parrot and their friends give advice on how to keep the air clean.



Clean Air Placemat

The colorful placemat shows Skykeeper and his friends taking action to help clean the air.





7 Days to Cleaner Air/7 Días para tener aire mas limpio

There are brochures for individuals in English and Spanish and separate ones geared toward consumers and commuters.



Air Town Folder




Air Quality A to Z

This 2005 publication features the ABCs of air quality. It covers a wide range of topics from health to resources.



Breath Taking

This booklet discusses the health effects of air pollution, specifically ozone and particulate matter.




District newsletter 2006-2018

PDFs are available for viewing and download.



Destination: Clean Air

This publication provides an overview of the district and its work through 2010.