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Ventura County's Climate Change Almanac 2nd Edition

New for 2015, this 2nd edition of the popular piece is now available as a booklet and online. The publication contains updates on California’s Global Warming Solutions Act (AB32) as well as new information on regional, national and international efforts to combat climate change.





Skykeeper 2

New For 2014! Skykeeper 2 traces the adventures of Skykeeper rabbit in various locations in Ventura County as he spreads the clean air message with his friends, Windrider Parrot, Air Patrol Dog, and Cloudwatcher Kitty. Topics include electric vehicles, solar power, and green boating. Locations are throughout Ventura County and some of the new scenes include the Ventura County Agriculture Museum, Pleasant Valley Soccer Fields in Camarillo, Channel Islands National Park, and Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza. The booklet is targeted to students from first through third grade.

Skykeeper 2 



The Air Zone

New for 2014, The Air Zone presents stories, actions, and informative tips that explore what real people are doing to clean the air and protect the environment and “why” certain actions are helpful.” As you read, you enter various zones including the Energy, Transportation, Home, and Fun Zone. And, in each zone you get material you can transfer to your everyday life plus references including applicable websites. There is information on energy conservation, solar power at home, a listing of all the Farmer’s markets in the County, and even how to plan a green vacation and golf game. So download a copy and enter the Air Zone today. If you would like a hard copy, contact the public information section.






Skykeeper Stickers

The new Skykeeper stickers are here! Join Skykeeper Rabbit, Cloudwatcher Kitty, Windrider Parrot and their friends as they give some good advice on how to keep the air clean



Destination: Clean Air

The District’s latest publication, Destination: Clean Air, explains who are, what we do, and why we do it. And, it features some local photos of beautiful Ventura County locales.






Clean Air Placemat

The colorful “Clean Air Placemat” shows Skykeeper and his friends doing things to help clean the air. The two-sided placemat asks the questions “Why is the air important?” and “What can you and your parents do to help clean the air?” Call (805) 303-4003 if you are interested in obtaining a placemat.






Designed by Ventura County artist James Graca, this limited film poster is the marketing piece for the new high definition movie, Air – the search for one clean breath. To order a copy, contact Carolina Guerra at (805) 303-4003.




7 Days to Cleaner Air.

This brochure give suggestions on what individuals can do to help clean the air. Available in Spanish only.



Air Town Folder.

The Air Town folder is a complement to our Air Town activity developed for summer camps and after-school programs. Call today for your folder and we'll include some of our other publications.




Air Quality A to Z

The ABCs of air quality can be found in this new and revised 2005 edition. Always a popular piece at outreach events, Air Quality A-Z covers a wide range of topics from health information to air quality resources.



Breathe in the world around you

Breathe in the world around you is the message in the District’s newest poster. Designed by award-winning artist James Graca of Ventura, the poster depicts air as a fragile resource even for the most fragile of life’s creatures. Get your copy to display as a sign of your personal pledge to clean air.




Breath Taking

Air pollution is a breathtaking experience. This new brochure discusses the health effects of air pollution, specifically ozone and particulate matter.




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Regulatory Brochures

  • Air Quality Complaints: Explains common types of air quality complaints and how to report them to the District.
  • Emission Inventory: Explains the District's emission inventory.
  • Emission Offsetting: Explains the emission offsetting program and details how Ventura County businesses can expand and still protect the air.
  • Permits: Explains the District’s permit processing system.
  • Notice of Violation: Explains NOVs - what happens when facilities violate a District rule or permit, or a state air pollution law.
  • Rule Development: Explains the District's rule development process.
  • Variances: Describes the APCD variance process, allowing businesses to "temporarily" exceed limits set by state laws or APCD rules and regulations, and allows the facility to continue operating while taking steps to meet air pollution control requirements.