Rideshare Week in October

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Ridesharing saves trips and will cut the pollution created by driving. Over one half of Ventura County’s air pollution and greenhouse gases are emitted from our vehicles. So, for work and play, choose alternatives to driving alone.


So Many Ways to save:


Drive less and save money on gas, plus insurance and vehicle wear and tear. Meanwhile, you help keep Ventura County’s air cleaner and ease traffic congestion which causes longer commutes and more pollution. Click here to Calculate Your $avings.


Save time by multitasking. When you take the bus you can catch up on work, read or plan ahead. No need to spend time at the gym when you get your workout walking or bicycling to work.


Save yourself. Studies show that fighting traffic wears you down. When you carpool, other people in the car help diffuse the stress. Or, leave the driving to someone else by riding in a carpool, vanpool or taking the bus. Find matches for carpooling or vanpooling, Bus Schedules, Train Schedules.


Save the day: Sign up for the Ventura County Guaranteed Ride Home Program, a special safety net for ridesharers. You can take care of an emergency even if you didn't drive your car today.


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