Ventura County Air Pollution Control District Rules and Regulations


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Table of Contents  


Regulation I (Rules 1-9) General Definitions, Authority


Regulation II (Rules 10-36) Permits Operating and Construction, New Source Review


Regulation III (Rules 41-48) Fees


Regulation IV (Rules 50-76) Prohibitions General and Source Specific Regulations


Regulation V (Rules 80-85) Orchard Heaters


Regulation VI (Rules 101-103) Source Testing And Stack Monitoring


Regulation VII (Rules 110-130) Hearing Board


Regulation VIII (Rules 150-159) Emergency Action Air Pollution Episodes


Regulation IX (Rules 200-204) Public Records


Regulation X (Rule 211) Transportation Outreach Program


Regulation XI (Rules 220-221) Conformity General and Transportation


Regulation XII (Rules 230) Enforcement Notice to Comply


Regulation XIII (Rules 250) Registration Programs