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Ali Ghasemi, Manager (805) 303-4016


Sam Michie, Supervising Air Quality Instrument Technician (805) 303-3927


AQ Instrumentation

Andrew Brown, AQ Instrument Technician  (805) 303-3892

Jennifer Eberwein, AQ Instrument Technician (805) 303-3891



Tommy Winning, AQ Meteorologist (805) 303-3894


Air Quality Data

Phil Moyal, AQ Specialist (805) 303-3929




How do you measure the air? You can't hold it in your hand that's for sure. You measure it by getting the right equipment and staff, setting up monitoring stations throughout the County, and gathering results to protect the health of all Ventura County residents.


The District's Monitoring Division staff continuously monitor the air at stations in El Rio, Ojai, Piru, Simi Valley, and Thousand Oaks to determine the type and level of pollutants in the ambient air.


To view the air quality forecast and daily agricultural burn decision, click here. You can hear the daily agricultural burn decision on the District's public-access recording, (805) 303-3888. Call us at (805) 303-3889 for additional information about monitoring the air or to arrange a tour of the District's lab or forecasting center for your school group or organization.