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Nothing is more basic than air. Nothing more essential to life. We breathe about 60 pounds of air everyday. That's 760 tons in a lifetime. Over 625 million breaths.


Yet this fragile tapestry of air surrounding the planet is impacted globally by pollutants emitted as a result of air pollution. Whether industrial, vehicular, or consumer-based, this pollution is real, and dangerous - - despite increases in warnings about air pollution and legislation efforts to control it. Here in Ventura County, the Environmental Protection Agency classifies us as having a severe air pollution problem.


To clean our smoggy skies, the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District has developed aggressive programs that are improving our air. And they're working! Our air quality has improved dramatically over the last decade. But in order to keep our air clean, despite projected population growth, these programs must not only continue but must also include even more innovative measures over the coming years.